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                  ITEM NO:BY-02003R
                  Name:Rechargeable battery


              Rechargeable battery  


              u Battery capacity: 7800 mAh                                          

              u Charging time: 4~6H    

              u Discharging time: 8~10H                                                           

              u Charging current: 2A

              u Input voltage: 6~32 V

              u Output voltage: 12V

              u Charging temperature:-20℃~45℃                

              u Storage temperature:-20℃~60℃

              u Waterproof: IP65K

              u Dimension: 107*80*36.5mm

              u Weight: 400g

              u Mounting: Magnetic connection                    

              u Connection: DC for cigarette connection



              1. Supply power to camera and working 8~10 hours continuously.

              2. Camera can be rotated 360º for suitable angle

              when fixed on the pole of rechargeable battery pack

              3. Strong magnet base for use easily and conveniently.








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