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                  ITEM NO:BY-02065
                  Name:360 3D camera system


              360 3D Camera system

              Seamless 360º Bird's: Eye view of your vehicle & the area around IT

              u 360º view monitor system provides high resolution image captured on 4 AHD cameras

              u Visually identify obstacles in all directions of vehicle-covering blind spots

              u User-tailores screen setup such as split scree output to display specific cameras when reversing or indication

              u The plug-and-play system will connect into Durite DVRs or allow the recording of images from all cameras


              n 12/24V

              n Waterproof to IP69K

              n Real-time 360º view

              n 4 AHD cameras with ultra-wide angle

              n Support with GPS module,ECU


              l Comprehensive view of the surrounding area in a single image

              l Eliminates blind spots, improves safety

              l Helps reduce risk of collisions

              l Danger area are identified and prioritised on the display






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