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                  ITEM NO:BY-08106WR
                  Name:2.4G Digital Wireless Transmitter & receiver


              2.4G Digital Wireless Transmitter & receiver 


              u 2.4G digital wireless

              u Power supply: DC12-32V

              u TV system: AUTO

              u Operating frequency: 2400~2483.5 Mhz

              u Transmitting distance: 120M

              u Transmitting power: 20dBm

              u Decompressin form: MPEG4

              u Transmitting speed: 4Mbps

              u Spread spectrum: FHSS

              u Delay time: 200mS

              u Operating temperature: -20~+80 Rh90

              u Storage temperature:  -30~+80 Rh90

              u Waterproof level: IP65K


              l Power: power on the receiver connecting with selected monitor

              l 4-PIN male, and the light is on red

              l Code-match: press PAIR button, and the blue light twinkles

              l Correct code-match: the blue light is on and does not twinkles

              l Support analog cameras


              n 2.4G digital wireless transmitter

              n 2.4G digital wireless receiver

              n Power supply: 10V-32V

              n Supply 13.5V voltage for camera




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