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                Heavy vehicle safety system
                 Warning Light & Siren
                 Car safety system
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                     Guangzhou Besyo Auto Parts CO., LTD is specialized in the development, production, sales and service of auto security, auto warning light, auto warning siren & auto multi-entertainment system products series etc since year 2005. Our products have been sold well in all over the world.

                     Our company is with big advantage on advanced technology, R&D ability, high-grade materials, quality control strictly and effective services, Our products have passed many strict tests and certifications. We do our best to provide wide range products of reliable quality and highly competitive price to our customers. Since our products became a premier brand and built up a comprehensive distribution network in the china market. Our company started to focus on oversea market presence. With our commitment to the international quality standard and R&D innovation, our company have already developed successful business partnerships with many international companies.

                     Thanks for your visiting our website.

                     We are sincerely looking forward to serving you in the nearest.

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              Tel: (8620) 28276982 Fax: (8620) 28276983 E-mail:sales@besyoautoparts.com